We Are The In Crowd

1 Jul

I remember the first time I heard Paramore. Sure, we had Hole, The Distillers, No Doubt, and Garbage; but something about Paramore, I can’t even explain it. It seems that they started a frenzy with girls going out and dying their hair different colors and knowing how to sing. Paramore is awesome, Hey Monday is okay, Versaemerger doesn’t really do anything for me, but now we have the new and up and coming girl lead singer with We Are The In Crowed. I actually was booking a show last June and a few people in my company were wanting to book them. Honestly, I wasn’t really into them, they hadn’t played many shows, and I wasn’t feeling the whole “lets be unoriginal and sound like everyone else” thing. Plus, the guy singer needs to be cut out of the band. I had also heard that the band formed together just last year. Are labels that desperate to copy whats already good and take a band that hasn’t paid there dues? I love Hopeless records, but I think there taste of success with All Time Low has gone to their heads. Labels need to start think ahead instead of repeating what already has been done. I’m not one to judge people on there musical tastes, so check them out and judge for yourself.

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